New Technique of Digital Display Broadcasting

China ware Electronic Video Industry Acquaintance on April released numbers show that the first basic quarter of this year, domestic retail sales grown to . million color Computer sets, up ; small sales reached billion yuan, an increase of well. Run the Ministry of Industry Deputy Secretary with regard to Coordination of detection linked with highSumei, told reporters with the China Securities Journal, 25 % of China’s electronic information and facts industry in continued fantastic momentum, especially with the state run to encourage the reduce triple play and IPTV industry policy The clear, color TV industry, an rapid growth in supplier television is expected to help continue, driven by great growth in .

Sell very well your market first quarter Data demonstrate that the first quarter of the particular year, the domestic Television and radio industry still continued okay momentum in . The particular quarter, output of are. million color TV sets, up . ; add color TV exports at . million units, . , to create exports of . thousand U.S. dollars, up now. . China Video Industry Association, the Assistant SecretaryGeneral of the new Direct sun light result that the major government ” Appliances towards countryside “And other rule driven by domestic great price . TV in mid begun to stabilize, and as most of the recovery in overseas markets, export of color T . v . industry has ushered with rapid growth situations, this injury is a good situation for television industry, laid the reason for whole year.

In specific categories, which the CRT Continue to decline, flat TV plasma The television market share continues to assist you decline, in competition when it comes to LCD TV complete connected with competitive advantage. The really first quarter of the common market volume reached -. million units, including flatpanel TV Sell Volume regarding . million units, making up as high as and. . In the flatpanel TV sales, the Television retail volume of very. million units, while sales of plasma TVs to assist shrink, only million units, accounting for only very.

Dansk IPTV . In addition, CRT further decline here in market share, sales linked million units, down the accounting for . business. Skyworth Group Vice President Yang Dongwen thinks fiscal year Skyworth The tube business will continue maintain a growth momentum. “One is the alternative on CRT LCD products brought in the average price increase, also was significantly perfected domestic macroeconomic situation.” Yang Dongwen introduced Skyworth Cathode ray tube TV sales are not accepting so badly, the sub-par unit price less as compared yuan, but LED Tv sales are rapidly growing, the average price with , yuan, and, like LED color TV, G TV and other marketing accounted upgrade, bringing the business’ sales volume and prompt growth in profitability.