? Has nine graduated ribs
? Recommended for advanced users
? Made with flexible sil-A-gel PVC.
This is a large toy that is made with advanced users in mind. This toy will bring a thrilling new adventure to your sex life. The red ringer is a toy for pleasure and adventure made using flexible sil-a-gel antibacterial PVC core that is non-toxicand latex/cadmium free.The toy is then coated with a smooth plastic that makes it more firm and gives it precisionso that you can focus your massage on the parts you feel you need it the most.
The toy’s graduated design is meant to give you a stretch in the most systematic way as it keep going in the more it stretches you out. The rounded ribs are similar to anal beads inly that they are on a firm shaft and therefore easy to control. The toy is great for guys and girls who love anal stimulation. It can be used alone as you masturbate Bridal and Wedding Lingerie or with your partner at play time. You dint have to keep holding it the whole time as you play so you can turn your full attention to pleasing your lover as the toy increases the intensity of their pleasure.
To insert this toy easily, you need to be both relaxed and aroused to make it easy to penetrate, and using a good amount of water based lubricant also helps. Water based lubricants are great with this toy but you can use another lubricant of choice. Cleaning is easy, you can use warm water and mild soap or a good toy cleaner of choice for a quick clean. Clean before and after each use for the best experience with this toy, and let it dry before you store. Do not store the toy in contact with other toys.